Top Seven Dive Sites in Southern India and Sri Lanka

India is renowned for its diverse culture and innumerable tourist destinations. With the majestic Himalayas bordering the north and Indian Ocean surrounding the south, the country always fascinates tourists with its splendor. If you’d rather explore underwater mountains than higher, drier elevations, India has even more to offer.

Since India is surrounded on three sides by ocean — the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea — it’s no wonder that there’s so much diving here. Southern India and Sri Lanka are especially popular. The Coromandel Coast, between Cape Comorin and False Divi Point, is home to lots of friendly dive shops. The legendary diving sites in Kerala, Goa, Pondicherry, and Coromandel provide a yogalicious (and affordable) setting for a scuba diving vacation.

Arguably, Goa offers the best-known, best-developed scuba diving in India. You’ll find loads of dive shops in Goa, most of which offer training centers. Popular spots include the turtle-and-barracuda-filled waters of Pigeon Island and the starfish-carpeted Angria bank.

Kerala’s pastoral quiet, gorgeous beaches and soaring mountains are familiar to most lucky travelers to India. That said, the weather’s mild enough to support year-round diving, so you won’t have to get your kicks looking at above-water scenery. Many dive centers in India offer 2-3 day diving trips to Kerala.

Another southern Indian city, Pondicherry, is a great place to unpack your mask and fins. Nestled on the bay of Indian Ocean, this city has more than 15 varied dive sites within the range of twenty miles.

Sri Lanka is a popular destination for natural surroundings, magnificent scenic spots and coral reefs. With several beaches and diving spots, the country offers a wide range of water activities for every flavor of tourist. You’ll be reminded immediately upon arrival that Sri Lanka is not India. It may be just next door, but its hundreds of popular dive sites are cleaner and more vibrant than India’s.

The gorgeous, palm-fringed beaches of Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital, give way to fish-filled coral reeds. Bentota, near Colombo, is another popular diving spot with beautiful diving sites for all experience levels. Here, you’ll swim alongside undulating giant marble rays and blue-spotted stingrays.

Beruwala, with its magnificent underwater formations and strong, fish-rich currents, attracts lots of intrepid, adventurous divers to Sri Lanka. You’ll play hide-and-go-seek with the reef sharks in the site’s vast networks of passages and crevices.

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